Love Your Story

Are you ready to get your story out that is hidden deep down inside of you?  

I'll personally show you how to find the stories from your life's experiences to engage your audience and build a powerful brand. 

Kim Coles

Actress - Comedian - Speaker - Author





Perhaps you’re building (or wish to build) a personal brand, become a speaker, or entrepreneur. Your Signature Story can be applied to reach and teach others. 

Now, I’m blessed to have had tremendous success as a storyteller and performer. However, it was when I became transparent about my own life experiences – the good, the bad and the ugly - that I saw an incredible increase in audience size and engagement. I shared my truth and the valuable lessons learned. I had NO idea that by simply sharing my authentic stories and wanting to help others that I would heal myself, serve others and grow my brand. Through my experiences and outcomes, I discovered the winning formula: Authenticity + Vulnerability = Profitability. Want to hear the best part? I can help you do the same!

You have a story. We all do. Actually, you have LOTS of stories. Your story consists of many rich chapters that are spread over the course of your lifetime. Those chapters range from happy to sad to traumatic and everything in between. When people see themselves in you they feel the impact of your message. Learn to find and use your story as part of your brand. YOUR STORY Matters. YOUR MESSAGE can help others!

Let's get down to business - your business! Click on the video to learn more about how I'll help you discover and uncover your TRUE VOICE.

 Are you curious to know YOUR STORY ?  


This will be a LIVE experiential workshop that will help you with the understanding, awakening, and discovering of your true voice so you can finally share YOUR powerful stories, help others and leave your legacy.

I want you to know that sharing your story is all about getting your voice heard. And no matter what business you are in, YOU WILL rise up as a leader /influencer in your field and attract clients too.

  Does this sound familiar?

  • "I don't know if I have a story to tell. OMG...what if I don't have a story to tell?"
  • "I have a story, but I don't know if it's interesting enough to share. What if no one wants to hear it?"
  • "I don't know how to tell my story in a compelling way. I'm not a famous storyteller or really a storyteller at all."
  • "I have a story, but I have no idea where to share it or how to get started."
  • "Why do I have to tell my story? I mean, it's a good story and I know it can help people. At least, I hope so. But then people will know all of my business and then what will they think of me and what will I think of me and uh-oh, have I said too much?"
  • "Forget where to tell my story. I've got loads of them, but I have no idea HOW to tell it."

In the Love Your Story™ Masterclass you will : 

  • Tune into your personal + professional experiences to reveal your signature story
  • Learn how to uncover your unique voice
  • Discover how to tie your signature story into your brand so you can also create your own compelling brand story
  • Be able to effectively present + share your story with others both privately and at public venues
  • Identify and learn how to overcome the fear, resistance, and perfectionism that hold you back from releasing your story into the world
  • Learn to add Humor and Heart to the way you tell every story

When you discover your story – you understand the essence of who you are and what you stand for. 

When you know your story – you show up in your business and life with authenticity and credibility. 

Love Your Story Wait List

Your story can be made up of moments and experiences that shaped your life, caused you to be tested, opened up your imagination, questioned and/or formed your beliefs as well. I wanna tell you that your story is part of your gift and that gift must be opened and shared with others. You have NO idea who you can touch and how much impact that your life experiences hold. 

As you may know, I started in show business as a comedian over 32 years ago. I must confess, I don't really tell "jokes". I consider myself a "storyteller". I simply tell my stories in a funny way on stage that connects me to the audience with laughter. I am clear that this is one of my gifts.  

Now I LOVE to help others find and mine the jewels in their stories as well. See, what resonates with us and delights us within "story" has existed since the very beginning. We are all educated, engaged and empowered through STORY!  

I believe that we all have POWERFUL “Signature Stories” within us.


This class is the culmination of all that I have learned and lived regarding using your story as a catalyst for change in yourself and others. Your story is a powerful truth and a powerful tool to leave your legacy and help others.

Your Story Matters- I will Introduce you to the program and set you up for success for the upcoming weeks that we will spend together live in the private Facebook Group and on intimate interactive Video calls. There will be eye opening and heart opening exercises designed to discover some of your own story jewels and personal Signature Story themes. 

Mining Your Life For the Story Jewels- I teach the importance and purpose of your story. Find out where and how your story and purpose intersect. We begin to mine your life and stories for the jewels inside. You will learn to see, embrace and apply the powerful themes that we discovered in Week One's homework in your experiences. 

The 4 C's - I teach you my proprietary formula so that you can craft your own story with ease. I call this the "4 C’s" of Signature Storytelling. We will go through each step with examples and I will leave time for you to be coached LIVE with me! You will know how to take ANY story and make it powerful, compelling and magnetic.  

The Secret Sauce - I will teach you how your story can be utilized on many platforms. Discover the usual and unexpected places where it can be used. We will also explore public speaking, live streaming and discuss the best ways to use humor and heart to educate, entertain a empower. I want you to have my expert tips on magnetizing your audience and listeners by captivating with comedy. 

Your “Signature Story”, in essence, tells the tale of how you became YOU! There are themes that I am able to help YOU to see that can be used when you share your story with others that can HEAL you and SERVE the world!

  YOU, my dear, have lived life and have experienced all that you have so that you can share your journey with someone who needs to hear how you did it or how you are doing it! 


  I SEE YOU and we see ourselves in each other. When people see themselves in you they feel the impact of your message. Your story is made up of what happened and can define, change, or alter your personal -- or even your work life.  

Love Your Story Wait List

"Kim Coles provides a brilliant program that brought my gifts to serve others to the forefront of my core. I am forever changed because of this course and I cannot highlight properly in words the impact that this has had on the course of my journey as a therapist, speaker and soon to be author."

-Melo Garcia, After Chloe

  "I thoroughly enjoyed Kim’s course! It was very informative and gave a great boost to the launch of the speaking portion of my business. As a fiction writer, I had a difficult time pinpointing the specific aspects of my personal story that I wanted to tell. Kim was able to give me great advice in our one-on-one session, as well as presentation strategies that I immediately put into practice. I’m very glad that I took her course!"

-LaShonda Michelle, Author  

"Kim used her 30 years of experience as an actor, comedian, and author to help me discover my story, use it powerfully and ultimately increase the size of my audience aka clients "  

-Meghan Williams, OfficeSprout

"With Kim’s mentorship and resources, I’ve been able to start breaking down the walls to my better self. Those walls have been in place for years, but with this class, I’m finally tapping into my long-dormant creativity, recognizing the barriers in the way..."